Quiet Pride

For those of us who are loudly proud, but don’t like noise

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What is Quiet Pride?

Quiet Pride is a space to celebrate being LGBTQ+. It aims to be as accessible and inclusive as we can. Disabled LGBTQ+ people need a space to celebrate their wonderful, intersectional identities.

Why do we need Quiet Pride?


A lot of Pride events are fantastic but aren’t accessible in various different ways. For example, they may be really noisy, have flashing lights or not be wheelchair accessible. These are just some examples of how Pride events can exclude LGBTQ disabled people.


LGBT events other than Pride are often held in bars which are noisy, busy and often upstairs. This means disabled people can feel excluded from the LGBT community the rest of the year as well.


LGBTQ disabled people are more socially isolated than other LGBTQ people. Quiet Pride is one small way to help make everyone feel included.

What have people said about Quiet Pride?

“I liked that there was a BSL interpreter there. I didn’t have to use an interpreter, but knowing it’s there is a really good thing and makes it much more inclusive!”

“Good vibes, friendly hosts and the videos showing how to get there were really helpful”

“Good middle ground of structured activites but no pressure to get involved”

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